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webs of belief

Webs of Belief — Can We Release Ourselves?

Webs of Belief I was reading the March 13 New Yorker Magazine Tuesday evening. I was working from home during the snowstorm on Tuesday, and I treated myself to curling up with the actual magazine with a nice glass of red wine. I’m one of those people who start at the very beginning. I read …


When is Quitting an Option?

Patient Fabulous was freshly back from her trip to South America. She is an independent health consultant in Brooklyn, and has been for some six or seven years. The last six or seven years have not been easy on Fabulous. Despite her passion and expertise, she has struggled with financial solubility for most of her …

honest mistakes

Last Night’s Oscars Demonstrated the Power of Honest Mistakes

It was the most awkward moment in the history of the Oscar Ceremonies. Two minutes of elaborate thank yous in, the cast of La La Land was semi-ceremoniously pushed aside for the actual Best Picture award winners, the cast of Moonlight. The crazy thing is, I almost never watch these things. I usually find out the …