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5 Self-Improvement Tasks that Make Your Life Worse

We’re getting on that time of year when we begin thinking about self-improvement for 2017, and with good reason. It’s the things that we do every day that have the most impact on our lives.  By making little life tweaks, we can dramatically improve our health and our state of mind. You know that, or …


Get Rid of These Fats!

Fats. It is almost upon us, peoples…the tide is turning and we’re heading into winter before you can say “who drank all the pumpkin spice lattes?” As we age, it’s important to give our skin proper nourishment to survive cold, dry air that winter winds deliver. Luckily, we can start with something we all like to …

Lipsticks That Won’t Kill You

Looking good doesn’t mean that you have to be poisoned by your makeup. Here are 5 cruelty free lipsticks and lip products that make a point of using healthy, non-toxic ingredients.