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Your Program, Your Way, With Your Tribe

Each of us is on our own health journey. But we don't have to be alone when we are struggling to meet our health and fitness goals. Through your personalized genetic health profile, we customize a plan that is right for you. You, and others on the same journey, are guided by our licensed health care and certified coach professionals. Online or in person, you get where you want to be in your health and life.  The way that's right for you.


Contact us. We’ll have a chat and find out what you are hoping to accomplish. We’ll get clear on your health and fitness goals, and start to sketch a plan to get there.


Take your genetic test and onboard your GP for your physical and any other tests you might need. With your results , we pair you with the right health, lifestyle, and support community that most closely matches your own.


Get healthy, make new friends, meet your goals, enjoy your life!


a virtual team of 
wellness and fitness

Imagine that you are in New York. Your general practitioner, yoga studio, and chiropractor is local. Your functional medicine specialist is in Boston. Your fitness coach is in Houston. Your lifestyle coach is in Amsterdam. Your herbalist is in Dublin. Your tribe is everywhere. We all work as a community to get you well. 


The Main Features

Why is this model of healthcare different from a traditional integrative practice?

This is A Global Cooperative
In-Person and Virtual Visits
Your Health Care Team
One Member, One Vote
Investing in Your Health
Changing Health Care Delivery
Our story

Why We Need Joy

Research shows that the best way to get to your long-term health care goals is with a tribe of people who are on the same journey, guided by experts who know how to get you there. We are suffering from a global epidemic of loneliness and disconnection, as well as environmental and lifestyle driven health challenges. When we are facing the road together, together we can make great strides. Plus, your program is much more affordable than it would be if you were one on one with a medical doctor. PLUS, our mission is to help you get better by helping improve the environment in wich we all live. A good part of our proceeds goes to businesses and efforts to heal the environment and make our communities healthy.

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