928 BROADWAY, SUITE 1200, NEW YORK, NY 10010
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Flatiron Chiropractic

Flatiron Chiropractic, 928 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10010

Flatiron Chiropractic

For my practice members who reside in Manhattan and who used to visit me in Midtown, I have re-opened office hours in my first and favorite neighborhood, the Flatiron District, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings at Flatiron Chiropractic, 928 Broadway, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10010.

Flatiron Chiropractic is a lovely, peaceful, and accommodating space on the top floor of this classic New York elevator building between 21st and 22nd street. Gentle, holistic chiropractic care feels right at home here, and you will, too.

To me, this neighborhood is Manhattan at it’s best. The folks in this area are real and driven, smart and quirky, holistic and passionate all at the same time, and I have always loved helping them reach their highest potential in body, mind, and spirit. And, it appears to have gotten much more chill and pedestrian-friendly over the years, which is a very welcome and healthy change!

When I first got into practice back in 2005, I worked in this neighborhood. Gosh, it’s great to be back! I’ve missed it and the folks who live in this vibrant area so much! I spent many a Saturday afternoon with my daughter perusing Theodore Roosevelt’s birthplace, shopping at the Union Square farmers’ market, and watching the dogs play in the dog park in Madison Park. Happily, all those still remain and are steps away from my practice.

As is the case in my office in Bed Stuy Brooklyn, Flatiron Chiropractic is inside of an office filled with other dedicated holistic practitioners of complimentary professions. This office is called Omni Wellness, and the practitioners only add to the remarkable energy here. Book your appointment below:

Only humor, to be comprehensible to anybody, must be built upon a foundation with which he is familiar. If he can’t see the foundation the superstructure is to him merely a freak – like the Flatiron building without any visible means of support – something that ought to be arrested.

Mark Twain, from “A Humorist’s Confession,” 1905