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Posture: The One Word that Can Change Your Behavior Instantly

Posture. You just sat up, didn’t you? The word, itself, reminds people of the importance of good posture. We all know that good posture is important.  But why? Here’s Why Do you know that your posture can literally determine your mental health? Your emotional health? How successful you can expect to become? Here’s one thing …

tai chi

Guest Post: Jack Tricarico on Tai Chi

I’ve known Jack Tricarico for going on three and a half years now.  Jack is an accomplished painter and poet from New York City. He also teaches tai chi and meditation.  He is turning 80 next month. Since I’ve known him, he has touted the practice of tai chi, and credited it with saving his …

make the smart gambles

Make The Smart Gambles

Make the Smart Gambles I was lying in bed Wednesday morning at 2:00 a.m., awake and sore. I was into the third day of recovering from a bad bout of a vicious food poisoning.   Primary suspect: Huevos Rancheros. Location: A Mexican restaurant in the center of Amsterdam. After lying in bed for the better part …