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Mosquito Season Sucks

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” –Dalai Lama XIV I don’t know why I thought that there were no mosquitos in Europe. I especially don’t know why I thought there were no mosquitos in Amsterdam, a city that is literally made of landfill and canals. …

chill out in five minutes or less

Chill Out in Five Minutes or Less

I made a Facebook video, “Chill Out in Five Minutes or Less,” last April. I embedded the video below. But first…you need to know that the reason I posted it isn’t the reason I gave in the video itself. I want you to know why I posted it. I posted it because something happened to …

good thing

How to Spot if You Are Talking Yourself Out of a Good Thing

How do you spot if you’re talking yourself out of a good thing? I’m not talking about an impulse buy. I’m talking about that noun — that person/place/thing/idea  — that you’ve been thinking about for weeks.  Months.  Years. Are you taking too long to think about it? Whether it’s an idea, a pair of jeans, …